The Wagon has been lovingly designed and built by ARC (American Retro Caravans) in their workshop here on the stunning Somerset Levels and offers a unique and stylish alternative to the traditional white caravan and other portable accommodation.

It’s beautiful robust build will withstand anything the British weather can throw at you and allows you to experience the freedom of off-grid living, with no compromise on style or comfort. Think of it as a boutique caravan!

It’s versatility and eco technology mean it can be used easily in environments not usually suited to caravans, RV’s or camper vans. The solar power will provide enough energy so you will not have to hook up to a generator or mains electricity. You can be in the middle of nowhere and turn on the lights, charge your phone and have a hot shower, and the ingenious Cinderella toilet incinerates your waste thus removing the unenviable task of emptying black toilet waste!

The Wagon’s central heating will keep you warm but if you fancy something even cosier then fire up the Hobbit wood burner, put the kettle on or open a bottle of wine and just kick back and stare at the stars. Revel in the solitude and enjoy the fact that you are embracing the eco friendly ethos.

We are passionate about the Wagon with it’s robust versatility and style, and feel it is the way forward for mobile living that is more aligned with our beautiful and precious environment. Available to buy or for long term rental.

We think you will love it!

Available to commission - prices start from £58,000 plus vat.

The Wagon is available to rent to film and TV production companies, events, festivals and private parties. Delivered to your location with set up and on call support.

For further information please contact or call 01823 490088.


American Retro Caravans (ARC) Logo  © American Retro Caravans Ltd 2021,  Wagon photography by Harry Cory Wright